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I've been doing school and library presentations for over thirty years, all over the United States (even Hawaii), and in many other countries including Morocco, Spain, Portugal, and China. Everyone has fun and leaves the encounter with a greater enthusiasm for drawing, writing, reading books, and the power of the imagination.

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Each program is geared to the ages and interests of the audience. I draw freely as I talk about the origins of drawing, the power of the imagination, where stories come from, how they are written and illustrated and how they are published and turned into books. I also discuss and demonstrate how drawings are made into animated films. I love to demonstrate the magic of drawing and story-telling; to show how each person tells a story in his of her own way and makes it a new story; how each person has stories that only he or she can tell and does drawings that only he or she can do.
Perhaps my most important message is:

There's nothing new but you!

During a full day visit, I am available throughout the day for autographing and conversation.
I also do joint appearances with writer, Elizabeth Levy, Elizabeth Levy Books, with whom I've worked on the Something Queer and Fletcher mysteries for over twenty-five years.

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Pre-school through High School. Programs for all audiences: from kindergarten to parents, and everyone in between. I enjoy mixed groups of adults and children and always gear my presentation to the specific audience.

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Programs run from fifteen minutes for the very young, up to a full hour, including questions.

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Audience Size:

I work with audiences of any size. Small groups have the advantage of intimacy and individual rapport, but I find large groups can be just as effective.

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References From Recent Appearances

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"… May I extend my thanks to you for two marvelous presentations yesterday. You're such an accomplished artist
… your special magic touched our children in many ways. The teachers raved about you…."

Dorrie Coatti
The Independent day School
Middlefield, CT

"… Thanks for such a wonderful author visit. We couldn't keep your books on the shelves for weeks after, and our students are always looking at the pictures you kindly left us…."
Chris Riedel, librarian
Ellis B. Hyde Elementary
Dansville, NY

"… Your presentations here at St. Marks were a wonderful way to kick off our Book Fair. … Thank you for an entertaining day full of stories and characters the children will long remember…."
Donna Bradley
St. Marks Episcopal School
Palm Beach Gardens, FL

"… Your visit was wonderful! The teachers have gone out of their way to express their gratitude for the way you spoke to each grade level! We are all enriched by what you have added to our lives…."
Jody Scott
Dear Run Elementary
Dublin, OH

"… We are still laughing, talking, and dreaming about your visit to McKinley School. The students stare at your pictures and read your books ….
There was a unanimous decision — 'He was the best we have ever had!' — by students and staff …"

Jan Casey
McKinley Elementary School
Lakewood, OH

"… I would like to thank you for the wonderful day you gave to ShadyHill.
Students and teachers have come to me with their enthusiastic comments …'He's great!' 'He sure draws good!' 'He had such a great relationship with his audience!' …"

Karen Briggs

"I was one of the many who watched with rapt attention as you made magic with your magic marker this morning for our kindergartners. … and an audience filled with teachers full of admiration for your teaching!
We hope you come back soon."

Jonathan Slater
Shady Hill School
Cambridge, MA

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If you have any questions, or would like to discuss your particular needs, call me at 413-203-3017, or e-mail

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Harcourt Brace: 800-543-1918

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HarperCollins: 800-242-7737

Golden Books: Random House Customer Service 800-726-0600

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